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  • Name: Gree new energy road two perfectionist the ultimate pursuit

In the past two years, technology innovation to break through the limit of the inventory of the refrigeration industry, not to mention the Gree self-developed "photovoltaic direct drive variable frequency centrifugal".
In fact, prior to this Gree permanent magnetic synchronous conversion centrifuge has been evaluated as "the most advanced technology of centrifugal compressor unit, the world's most outstanding performance". However, being a perfectionist, "no best, only better" is the motto of Gree. Then, in 2013 December, Gree photovoltaic direct drive variable frequency centrifugal system. From energy consumption to zero energy, Gree declared refrigeration industry entered a new era.
After the successful implementation of energy transformation of Germany, and judge the application of a technology is successful, must be "profitable business model" for the existence of the premise. If the analysis from this perspective, photovoltaic air conditioning technology innovation would be more significant, is the model of science and technology, environmental protection, market effective docking. From the environmental point of view, Gree this photovoltaic centrifuge system will be combined with solar energy and permanent magnet synchronous DC variable frequency centrifugal chiller, the direct use of solar energy power supply at the same time, significantly improves the light utilization rate, thus, is bound to play a optimize building energy configuration, reduce building energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions for the purpose of.
In the office building of the nine phase of the GREE headquarters, using a 400 kW photovoltaic direct drive variable frequency centrifugal, every year in April to October to work, work 8 hours a day, to solar power 340 kW calculation, power 571200 degrees. If a commercial electricity price for 0.9678 yuan / degrees, a year can save 552800 yuan, benefit obviously.
From the market perspective, the PV of central air conditioning business value has no doubt. On this basis, Gree has passed technical innovation further, this technology into the field of household air conditioner. Gree electric chairman Dong Mingzhu said, he is the first user of household photovoltaic air conditioner, realize their own air conditioning not only do not spend a penny of electricity, but also the good wishes of surplus electricity to sell or supply other appliances.
Being a perfectionist, Gree has even planned for the next step: to design of home intelligent air conditioner. The future goal is: not only the air conditioning is not power, but all the family electrical appliance can pass through the air conditioning implement "power supply".
For the ultimate goal to pursue, GREE quietly conducted various studies. President of GREE new energy and Environmental Technology Research Institute said: "GREE's innovation is the inheritance, previous basic photovoltaic direct drive variable frequency centrifugal central air conditioning is done very solid."
It is understood that, as early as in 2008, the market has already appeared small photovoltaic central air conditioning, but the industry generally bad mouthing. In this context, GREE on the difficulties, key centrifuge. "Centrifuge, no independent research and development it is not real central air conditioning enterprises." President of GREE new energy and Environmental Technology Research Institute said. The power to promote the centrifuge must first improve the speed of the motor, and the original AC asynchronous machine used in the speed of 3000 R / min, unable to meet the development needs. Therefore, GREE developed permanent magnet synchronous centrifuge has the advantages of smaller volume, will enhance the motor speed to 18000 rpm. Because after each step of the perfect implementation, in the continued research after several generations of products, GREE finally introduced the "no electricity and air conditioning".
Perfectionism is also manifest in many ways.
In 2012, GREE launched the "almighty king" series of two-stage inverter air conditioner. Among them, from the side of a U type of "King Almighty -U statue" hang up is one of GREE's flagship product, won the 2013 fourteenth China patent gold medal". However, outsiders do not know: technical difficulties is the real wind guide plate between the panel and inconspicuous seams. In accordance with the original design, the juncture of 0.8 mm. However, Dong Mingzhu puts forward to want to go down to 0.3 mm. This means that Gree again to refresh the industry standard.
In others it seems, 0.5 mm is very little detail of digital. However, in order to achieve this standard, need a large number of parts machining process improvement. The final lasted 4 months, Gree completed this technology research.
The upgrade to the standard manufacturing new rear, Dong Mingzhu also had higher pursuit: by the end of 2012, she proposed to the R & D team to design a completely seamless air conditioning. In 2014 February, King Almighty -U respect two generation air conditioning market, product appearance completely seamless, and break the conventional type U air conditioning design, structure design principle in tulip petals, open the precedent for air-conditioning breakthrough from industrial production to the artistic products. The second half of 2014, GREE launched a limited edition of the newlywed exclusive "Rose" air conditioning. The external evaluation: "'Rose' air conditioning has completely broke the original air conditioner four four square traditional appearance design, is an important symbol of change of air conditioning by industrial products to the works of art." "For Gree, product performance and technology innovation endless pursuit, the case in the past, the future is even more so." Dong Mingzhu said, "the national enterprises should develop, must always have the passion of challenges and innovative spirit. China is currently in a key intersection of energy transformation, the hope that more enterprises to join hands with us, so as to achieve more extreme pursuit."