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  • Name: Spontaneous individual PV power station occupied is more cost-effective

2 years ago (March 19, 2013), the first user of Shanghai distributed power grid has been generating 6460 degrees, of which more than 3800 degrees to the power transmission. But the development of family person of photovoltaic power station, by subsidies, the limitation of the site of many factors such as distress, still remain to be solved.
Issued a series of policies at the national support for individual installation of PV equipment power, and allow the surplus electricity sold to the grid, a Shanghai city Songjiang Jiuting Party discipline, tiger, become the first users of distributed power grid of Shanghai.
At the beginning of 2013, in the application and submit relevant materials, and achieved the majority of residential building owners consent, Party discipline, the tiger in the photovoltaic panel residential building roof installed a 10 capacity of 250 watts, the single plate price is about 2100 yuan.
The party discipline, Hu told reporters, without considering the installation fees case, this set of photovoltaic power generation equipment cost a total of about 25000 yuan, the cost of every day, such as 10 units of electricity meter, can power about 11 years.
"The cost of 25000 yuan, to the current price calculation, takes about 11 years to recover the cost of." Dang Ji Hu says. Measurement data and the former display, if all subsidies implement cost recovery period can be shortened to 6 to 7 years.
In accordance with the existing policy, individual PV subsidy is composed of 3 parts, of which the State implements electricity subsidies to 0.42 yuan / kWh (including tax), duration of 20 years, the second part for the Shanghai city government individual generating capacity subsidies of 0.40 yuan / kWh, age 5 years, the third part is the surplus of electricity sold to grid subsidies to Shanghai, the desulfurization electricity price 0.45 yuan / kWh (including tax) calculation.
But at present, the money did not actually in place, "4 cents Shanghai subsidies, we haven't got, is unclear when clearing." Party discipline tiger said, "judging from the current situation, spontaneous person occupied is relatively cost-effective of photovoltaic power station."