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  • Name: Subsidies for renewable energy crisis

For many China renewable energy enterprises, arrears of subsidies has make them with anxiety. According to the National Energy Bureau statistics, as of the end of 2014, subsidies for renewable energy financing gap has accumulated more than 14000000000 yuan.
Subsidies has in hand, greatly influenced the development of renewable energy power generation enterprises, its negative effect to further upstream equipment suppliers spread, forming a triangle debts problem plaguing the entire wind power and photovoltaic industry.
China renewable energy society, vice chairman Meng Xiangan of the "financial country weekly" reporter said: "a pressing matter of the moment is to solve the problem of lack of capital loans and subsidies, and straighten out the entire renewable energy management and subsidy mechanism for the future, the development of renewable energy Chinese crucial. Rhododendron aureum
The funding gap
Renewable energy in the early stage of development, the government will take measures to support the subsidies, it is international practice. China's "renewable energy development fund levy management Interim Measures" provisions, additional renewable energy tariff by the Ministry of Finance in all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, the Financial Supervision Commissioner Office monthly levy to the power grid enterprises, the introduction of direct payment to the Treasury, full income turned over to the central treasury. Thus, additional renewable energy tariff become national finance special funds of public budgeting, Chinese additional renewable energy tariff levied standards from 2006 of 0.1 cents per kWh gradually increase.
Even so, the funds raised is still difficult to meet the rapid development of renewable energy in china. In the middle of 2012, the Ministry of finance, the National Energy Bureau and the distribution of the national renewable energy tariff surcharge for diagnostic. The results show, by the end of 2011, the gap of China's renewable energy price subsidies of up to 10700000000 yuan.
In 2013 August, in the face of subsidy funds vacancies may adversely affect the healthy development of the renewable energy industry reality, the national development and Reform Commission will additional renewable energy tariff standard increased from 0.8 cents to 1.5 cents, 7 years, up 15 times.
Additional tax standard increased, and 10700000000 yuan in 2012 before the defaults so far inconclusive. Reporters on the forming reason of the economic construction of our letter to the Department of finance, at the time not yet received a reply. It is close to the Ministry of finance sources told the "financial country weekly" reporter, 2012 renewable energy subsidies to the Ministry of Finance tube, and in 2012 after the subsidy funds is still a big gap exists, the Ministry of finance can only meet the priority when subsidies, too busy to take into account the historical debts.
In other news, the national energy administration department and the SASAC are urged to use special fund or treasury funds to solve before 2012 the arrears of subsidies for renewable energy, but has not yet been solved.
In Europe and the United States "double reverse" background, the government to save the entire industry by expanding the domestic market of new energy resources. For example in photovoltaic, "1025" installed by the goal of the original 5GW adjusted to 35GW, over 7 times. CEC latest statistics show, in 2014 the national grid connected solar power generation capacity of 23100000000 kwh, up 170.8% yoy; grid connected wind power generating capacity of 156300000000 kwh, a year-on-year growth of 12.2%, which means that renewable energy subsidies also need to increase the proportion of such. But even if the whole society electricity full levy additional subsidies for renewable energy, will grow by only 3.8% in 2014.
There is no doubt, subsidies for renewable energy gap will be further expanded.
The system barrier
In addition to the lack of funds, bull management system has caused can not be timely and full payment of subsidies for renewable energy.
Before 2012, subsidies for renewable energy management department for the national development and Reform Commission, the SERC, the lead department for the national development and Reform Commission, the state does not regularly published "subsidy scheme and quota trading scheme", additional electricity price subsidy funds by the provincial Power Grid Corp to collect the escrow. After January 1, 2012, the management of the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy board, wherein the lead department for the Ministry of finance, management principle quarterly appropriated funds subsidies.
In the process of subsidies, renewable energy power generation enterprises need to report additional renewable energy tariff subsidy funds liquidation application form to the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy board through the local financial departments, and submit the annual generation capacity of proof material. Materials by three ministries through the audit, to grant funds will be released after the liquidation. "Subsidies to pay part of the cycle is too long, the enterprise accounts receivable growth exceeded income growth, to make renewable energy power enterprises face very high debt pressure. "Meng Xiangan said.
It is worth noting, in addition to appropriation in the process of multi management in the audit, in the industrial development planning also exists the problem of asymmetric information. At present, the National Energy Bureau is responsible for the formulation of renewable energy development in the total planning and approval (for the record); the national development and Reform Commission responsible for the development of renewable energy Internet benchmark price and additional renewable energy tariff levied standards; specific budget Ministry of finance is responsible for the renewable energy subsidies. The lack of effective coordination between each other, eventually exposed Chinese in renewable energy development, the national planning, the enterprise strategy and the subsidy payment capacity does not match the reality.
The solution
Renewable energy subsidy funds gap of our larger, long-term "eat next year's food" affect the healthy development of the industry problems have attracted attention from all sides.
The National Energy Bureau Director of the original Zhang Guobao had accepted "finance national weekly" interview that, renewable energy to get the big development, need to gradually reduce subsidies, and even eventually do not subsidies, have a certain competitive with coal-fired power generation.
This year the national NPC and CPPCC period, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, GCL Group Chairman Zhu Gongshan submitted "on the balance of public subsidies for renewable energy.