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  • Name: Future Major Power Disruption, Clean Energy Pays, and More!
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Today, the Earth got a little hotter always, and a little more crowded.

Dams Threaten Amazon Forest, Promoting Deforestation For Decades - shows a new study documenting the long term effect of a Brazilian mega dam. The Tucurui Dam:

destroyed 3,000 square kilometers (sq km) of forest with reservoirs;
created huge methane emissions from flooded rotting forests;
cities and illegal logging developed around the new dam.
Some phenomenon shows there are a threaten also:
Earth Is Experiencing a Global Warming Spurt - following a global warming slowdown that lasted about 15 years under one phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation cycle.
This much slower moving cycle has now switched into its other phase, and is currently interacting with the El Niño oceanic cycle; both cycles are being amplified by climate change.
NOAA: US Posts Second-Hottest Year On Record - extending the streak of warmer-than-average annual temperatures, as the planet set another record hot year in recorded history.
Unprecedented: Simultaneous January Named Storms
in the Atlantic and Central Pacific - when the earliest storms in both oceans typically occur in July.
Weather Whiplash, From Hot to Frigid, Hits Eastern US - as El Nino and climate change continue their dynamic winter dance. "Expect the unexpected," says a chief meteorologist.
What should we do now ?
President Obama:
If You Still Dispute Climate Change, 'You'll Be Pretty Lonely.
GravityLight 2: Replacing Millions of Kerosene Lights With Clean Energy Lighting - so easy a child can use it, making gravity power a light that last about a half hour: this could be used to help a billion people worldwide. 
Mighty Money For Small Wind Projects:
$200 Million - has been clinched by United Wind Inc, which has carved out a niche leasing wind turbines to farms and rural homes, has clinched $200 million in funding - the largest-ever single investment in small wind projects. 
Now the natural are damaged by human being always. We can’t sit in front of the Television and concern about the news. What we need to do is, going into this activity and were encouraged to use green clean energy such as wind, solar in our daily life.
Heineer Industries Co.,Limited, being a leader of solar company in China. They always concern about the green solar and weather threatens. Now they appeals, we can go outdoor along with solar camping lights like this solar cup light, solar clip light. In this way, when we use those solar products in our daily life, which is a good way to decrease a harmful of gas.
Will you start solar camping lights and save our nature?