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  • Name: Heineer solar led light match the demand of “ light up Haiti project”
  • No.: light up Haiti

Haiti has long been plagued by electrification issues, with more than 70 percent of the population not having access to reliable electricity on a daily basis.

Light Up Haiti — a project is the result of a two-year effort among the Haitian money transfer company Sogexpress, Arc Finance, which provides energy to poor people around the world, and Western Union. The Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) have also supported the effort.

A new solar light kit may help solve the problem.

Introduced  at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, Klere Ayiti is a service where Haitian relatives can purchase solar light kits for their families back home. Each solar light kit includes either two or three LED lights, the charging solar panel, and several charging sockets, where cell phones can be charged as well.

The lights can be used as strong flashlights or hung from the ceiling. Charging occurs during the day from solar power, for about eight to 10 hours for a maximum recharge.

The project organizers chose the models from more than 25 different solar kits they studied over a two-year period.

Heineer M8 solar led light can match this project.

It have one 8W solar panel with one 3W big lamp and two 3W small lamps

The ability for families to have light at night for dinners, for homework. You allow them to use all parts of the day to enhance their family’s ability to succeed,’’ “And that’s critical because we take it for granted when it’s a basic, staple utility. But when it’s something like this, you know someone’s world opens up just from a simple light.”


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