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  • Name: What's portable solar lights are convenient for you?
  • No.: portable solar lights

Efficient LED lights and lightweight solar panels are a match made in low-carbon heaven. In the past decade, solar panels have gotten small enough to fit in a purse and LEDs can burn bright for hundreds of hours. So, if you’re looking for a portable solar light to take camping, keep on hand in case of a power outage, or just to light up a space without plugging into the grid, here are some cool designs to consider.


1. Solar Clip light  

In addition to using a renewable light source, solar lamps have the potential to offer a big air quality improvement in areas where they’re replacing kerosene lamps. This solar clip light it is designed with a model Clip, with ideas of Clip sunshine, Clip the light. The battery charges fully in about eight hours and the lights last for 4 to 8 hours per charge. It has three settings: low, high, and the upper side high.



2. Motion sensor solar light 

When you need some solar lights work automatically, this solar sensor light can decorate your garden yard. With the motion sensor, it have the function, people come will bright, people go just with little bright function. In this good way, you don’t need to touch its switch on/off, but with automatically light.


3. Solar cup light

When you are having a camping outdoor, you will worry about there are too many necessities you have to take .But if there are a solar cup light combined of light and cup, then will save more rooms and reduce weight, they are very glad to take it to join a camping .With the food grade material, it can stand -20c to +120c degree .And the lights can last 8 hours after recycled charging by solar at your any day time.


Those special solar clip light, motion sensor solar light, solar cup light are designed by one of top solar lights China Manufacturer, Heineer Industry Co.,Limited. If you are interested in those solar lights, you can surf from Ebay, Amazon, or any local shops like USA, Spanish, South Africa.




Heineer solar street light successfully installed in the courtyard of Riyadh government, Saudi Arabia.