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  • Name: How Solar Is Lighting the Way for Recovery in Nepal
  • No.: Nepal

In the days following Nepal’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 25, as massive power outages complicated relief efforts, Sandeep Giri and his coworkers were shaken but determined to help.

Giri, who was born and raised in Nepal, is the CEO of Gham Power, a solar company that’s been operating in Nepal for the last five years. After the earthquake, Gham Power’s employees sprung into action to deploy solar power systems, solar lighting system that could power lights and mobile charging stations for relief workers and the displaced.



Besides basic needs like medical attention, food, water, and shelter, electricity is a major issue in the wake of a disaster, says Giri. “First, you don't want to be in the dark, as it's scary, you don't feel safe, and it is also very cumbersome to get or administer relief without light. Second, in this day and age, your first instinct is to reach out for your loved ones to check if they are okay and let them know you are OK. And when you reach for your mobile phone, it's dead and there is no place to charge it.”



From it, I remember there were a cooperation we had with Haiti local NGO. From their feedback, they said thanks for the solar lighting system, they can get recovery from their new life soon after the dark disaster.

Like this M6 solar lighting system we offered, having strong lighting power and the USB charger, which can light anywhere and be a power bank with two function together.


We did hope, there are more solar lighting system can be concerned, widely used in Nepal.





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