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  • Name: Solar clip lights bright students’ hope
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Following Gods command to love people around as ourselves, Heineer team joins the NGO “Shoulder Action” and helping the students in lighting their hopes. Through Voluntary Teaching and give the solar lighting as gift to the children for daily use, help the childe find fulfillment in life and become a positive part of our social. 



Heineer exist to provide hope for the poor family and hopeless, as lighting creator in china to light the way to hope for those who find themselves living in the darkness and power shortage.



Shoulder Action, a non-government public welfare scholar organization, which already established more than 1300 "Every Class has a Library Corner" programs in 120 elementary and middle schools in 13 provinces, including Fujian, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guangxi.



In August, 2015, Heineer Solar team joined a new project of Shoulder Action, bring the light to the student in Yunnan Puge Xinye school. Heineer donate about 1000 pieces M1 solar clip lights to the school, teach the students there to use the green solar energy products.




“During the past year I always do my homework in my dimly-lit room, but now I have this solar clip lights, I can ready and study every time and everywhere. What amazing thing is I just need to put in under the sun for charging when its power runs out. Amazing! ” A student fixed the solar M1 clip light to his bag and said to Heineer team happily. He never has such a solar light before.



“It is our goals to use a sincere, pure heart to carry out professional, high-quality, creative solar lights for the people who in need.” One of Heineer solar team member said this. “It is our mission to undertake every citizen's responsibility to establish a bright society.”



After join this activity, Heineer team are power to working in our major projects——Let every student has a bright corner in their daily life, bright their future of their life.





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