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  • Name: Solar DC home system;Solar power system;Solar generator
  • No.: SG1220
  • Characteristic: Solar power;home use;multi function;low cost;
  • Introduction: SG1220 is Solar DC home system,use 20W solar panel,main function is radio,lighting,charging mobile.

Solar pwer system;solar generator

solar power system






 solar generator


Plug & Play Integrated Power Box

- Maintenance-free lead-acid battery 18AH(SG1230W)

- Build-in controller 3A/12V & 6 x DC output ports 2A/12V

- 2 x DC equipment port & 2 x USB port 1A/5V(can charge iphone)

- Multifunction Radio(FM,MP3,SD card)

- 1 x external battery port(increase the system battery capacity)

- 1 x cigar lighter port(make the system to use AC devices)

System Configuration:
1 x Solar panel:20W/12V with 6m cable
1 x Battery:Maintenance-free lead-acid battery AH/12V 12AH
2x LED bulb:3W/12V &  2 x 5W/12Vwith 4m cable and on/off switch
1 x USB Cable:Suitable for cell phoneand handheld devices
Working time:3 bulbs together 6-10 hours