• Name: Selling Solar to Rural Africa is Emerging as a Hot Market

After years of fits and starts, startups and big businesses are finally starting to pay attention to the solar market in rural corners of the developing world.

Over the past few months, a number of high profile investors have backed startups selling solar panels to off-grid customers across regions like Africa, India, and East Asia. Meanwhile, big solar companies have created divisions focusing on rural customers in the same areas. That this market is now starting to mature shows how solar is increasingly affordable to people who earn less than $2 daily. 



For the most part, wealthy countries like the U.S. and Germany have been the ones to adopt home solar panels. Home owners typically buy their solar systems out right or lease them from a third party like SolarCity.


But in regions like rural Africa, where the power grid is lacking, an entirely new strategy has had to be developed. These new solar products have relied on new types of financing, have ridden on the back of mobile technologies, and have depended on the emergence of cheap batteries.


D.Light, meanwhile, has raised $40 million over its lifetime from investors including Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Omidyar Networks, Nexus India Capital, and Acumen Fund. The company has sold 10 million solar camping lanterns, which are stand alone solar devices that store solar energy, in contrast to the pay-as-you-go solar panels, which electrify an entire home.



Small solar camping lanterns like the model M1 clip lights, M5 cup lights will be attractive in Rural Africa. We will bring those camping lanterns to their house, lighting for study, cook, party, work.


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