• Name: Panasonic's eneloop solar storage kit awarded 2015 g-mark Japan GOOD DESIGN best...

Panasonic created the “eneloop solar storage” system by developing their reusable battery line to harness natural sun light. The world energy outlook organization has recorded 1.3 billion people worldwide live in areas with no or intermittent electricity – that’s approximately 20% of the world’s population. In most of these regions, people use kerosene lamps, rechargeable lanterns and diesel generators to provide lighting.

The Japanese electronics company wants to help everyone in regions without electricity by offering an efficient sustainable energy and lighting solution that can be used as a selectable night light and power source for charging small items of equipment such as cell phones. The clean energy platform generates power from sunlight, stores it and provides bright light from LED lamps. The kit includes a 15W solar panel, a main battery unit with ten long five year lifespan eneloop nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cells and two types of high efficiency LED lamps. When the batteries are fully charged, the setup of LEDs can provide uninterrupted light for approximately 24 hours. 


There is a similar design ---Portable solar lamps of Heineer Industry Co.,Limited, it combines with three lamps together. One is with 8800MAH Lithium battery, having a 5V 1A USB output, which can charge for mobile phone.



With the portable solar lamps, you don’t need to worry about when there will  lack of electric power and your mobile phone are shut off .What we can offer lighting with three lamps together for your kids and the elders.


Portable solar lamp's time is coming.



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