• Name: Heineer solar street light successfully installed and used in the government cou...


 These days, Heineer solar street light successfully installed and used in the courtyard of Riyadh government, Saudi Arabia.



And Heineer become the designated solar street light supplier of the Riyadh government. Its a very good news for us. As we have tried our effort to work in this project over 1 year, our good quality products , good solution and service in the end earn the governments trust. That means in the feature, the government have any other project need solar street light, we will be the one to supply solar street light to them.


Heineer offer our different models for the government. SST1208, SST2510, SST3616 these models install in the courtyard(above photos)high power SE4 install near the flag pole. (below photos)



Heineer Saudi Arabia company start to build a show room in Riyadh one year ago, to promote our solar street light, and many kinds of portable solar led lights.

The solar street light at first have earn some company project. Portable solar light already talked with some supermarket.



All have a good feedback from our customers.


We will open the second show room in Jeddah, the second largest city in Saudi. We wish more and more people have the ability to use our products and our services. Let their life become difference. And we wish  in the future, Heineer solar in the whole of Saudi can have  show room, let customers experience solar products in a short time.




10 years long term customer visit Heineer again.