• Name: Yingli Solar visited Heineer factory and discussed the further cooperation


On November 11, 2015, Mr Fan and Mr Liu, the Director of international cooperation and technical Director of Shenzhen YingLi New Energy Resources Co., Ltd, two representatives went to visited Heineer shenzhen factory and have in-depth communication with Heineer Technical team. The two sides held talks on questions of common interest, especially for the cooperation in the coming future between Yingli and Heineer. During the visit, two sides exchange extensive views on technical improvement, new product development, Future investment and other issues of common interest.


As one of solar light manufacturers in China, what new initiatives make Heineer solar attract Yingli solar further investment and boost growth? After two representatives visited the production plant, workshop equipment, production Line, showroom, and even talk with the workers, two representatives are highly appreciates of Heineer portable solar lights. Mr Liu said that Heineer is a real potential solar light manufacturer in China, with advanced equipment, highly specialized skills appropriate for new produce and who can perform at maximum efficiency for the company.



During the visit, Mr Fan and Mr Liu take some samples to test, the items of M6 portable solar light, M1 solar clip light, S1 solar motion sensor light and M5 solar cup light were focused. The creative body design and damping capacity control are very satisfied results have been achieved in the field measuring.



Yingli Solar was seeking an cooperation intentions with Heineer for the Africa marker development of solar energy. Two sides have a deeply talk to learn about the possibility to setup a assembly plant in Africa, trying to transferring part of the manufacturing chain to those countries where is high tax rate. By set up an assembly plant to solves the problem and extending volume growth , which may end up in a joint venture with local Chinese engineering company like Heineer Solar company.




Heineer solar street light successfully installed in the courtyard of Riyadh government, Saudi Arabia.