• Name: Can you think of Six unbelievable inventions in South Africa


When you think of six unbelievable inventions in South Africa ,if there are any ideas in your consciousness ?

Let us have a check what’s the amazing made by Scientists in South Africa.


1.“The Lightie” solar bottle light

This is designed by Sutenai, a kind of economic model solar light .After charged under sun ,it can last for 40 hours lighting use ,which have adopt a technology of durable Acrylic resin and inside Lithium battery.


2.Tshulu Stove

This is a stove ,can use with firewood ,with advantage of safety and more efficiency .So it is special suitable for some village ,family with low income In the poor area of South Africa ,fired with wood will be harmful to environment or may cause a fire disaster .So if adopt this new technique ,it can solve above problem.


3.Ishack Project solar panel

With those solar panel, not only for providing energy to led bulbs, Television, mobile phone and some small house electric appliance .In the future, but also can be a solar station support to refrigerator, water heaters and other big electric appliance.



Imperial Logistics issue this Clinic –in-a-box ,which can be moved to any where with this container Clinic .When you open it and then use quickly .Without any doubt ,offering more convenient to those people who lived in the poor and remote area.


5.Isizwe project ,Free WIFI

This new technique break the previous experience of failure, with the support of Tshwane government, this project offer a benefit over 1 million people there .It have showed a good belief, there will be a big change under the fast development of technology.


6.Lumkani fire detector

This new fire detector can detect any fire within 20 seconds ,and interact with other detector which are stand within 60 meters ,then it will make a harsh nosiy to remind people about this danger .After its technique improved ,can lower its incidence rate in the range of informal settlements.


For the solar lights part, you will see more and more South Africa business man are focusing on solar lights and want to cooperate with solar lights manufactures in China. No matter for lighting ,or charging for mobile phone , there is M6, M8 called solar home lighting system is a good choice to join in South Africa’s daily life.

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