• Name: solar powered lights,solar light for outdoor;Portable solar lights

M6 solar lights for outdoors.The system was designed for both Domestic, Commercial,Residential areas

where Electric supplies are eratic or Non-Existent. It was designed to be simple and reliable and effective in these conditions.

It is combined with a High Efficency Solar Panel with Intelligent Charging Controller. We have incorporated a High Capacity Lithium Battery,

with Hi-Bright Leds. The intergrated Controller and battery controls give Charging and discharging parameters accurate control at all times.

M6 solar lights for outdoors construction of our system combines simpicity and usageat all times making it an ideal companion to carry in

 your Caravan,Boat,Tent or when emergency light is required.It is one popular solar lights for ourdoors.


If you live in areas without electricity and are tired of using the harmful kerosene or having poor light from candles;

If you want to reduce your electricity bills and save costs with hard wiring;

If you looking for an indoor lighting solution with a dimmable option which can also charge your mobile phone and MP3;

If you looking for water-proof outdoor lighting which can be turned on/off automatically or by manual at any time;

If you care about the environment and want to use a durable product made from recyclable material……


The light M6 solar lights is the one what you are looking for!

M6 portable solar light


solar light for outdoor


4W Solar Panel

With high efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar panel,

its solar transformity is up to 18%.

More details in specification…

M6 solar light
M6 solar light 3W LED Light
High efficiency LED module is delivering high lumens output to 100lm/W

4400mah Lithium Battery

3 years super long lifespan.

It doubles the product life for the intelligent battery management technology

which can charge and discharge for 500 to 800 cycles.

solar light install on car glass

Multifunctional Technology

Considerate design--different size holes

allows the solar panel easy installed,

The accompanying sucker makes it can fix to car glass or window.


USB output

5V 1Ah output make the light

charge mobile phone fast.

solar light can charge for mobile phone

solar light for camping,


M6 solar light specification


where the M6 solar light use

House lighting


Energy saving


Mobile shop


Energy conservation


Mobile board room








where the M6 solar light use

M6 solar light specification
certification and patent for M6 solar light