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solar light for outdoor,solar light for tent

  • Name: Heineer Service Story

This Monday, we got an order from our USA customer with solar power system.



All the products were tested at our factory already. Even though they were packed well in a good carton by our workers, we still insist on opening the package and testing again by our QC staff for testing each function for a 100% guarantee before the delivery.




It is combined of solar panel, solar system, LED lamps, lead acid battery.


At the day time, express company A came to our warehouse and start to make delivery, without too much attention to the inside battery. Unfortunately at night time, after those solar system were delivered to the express warehouse, it was found with lead acid battery. A calling from them at 9 o’clock PM about failure delivery with such solar system because of inside lead acid battery.


All the Heineer staff went into anxious mood when we got this bad news. It seems we had no ideas and failed to deliver those power system samples today. It must be started the delivery today and then can be arrived to customer at second day in a container. Too urgent delivery can not delay on Tuesday morning .But the problem seems no one can carry our parcel at night time.


MISS Erica got this calling and tried to contact other express company about the delivery, even though it is night time when she was at home. After contact with around 10 express companies, a professional company B can help us to arrange the delivery, but is a long distance from Express company A, about 35 kilometers.


Samples are too much important for customers, even though it is night time in China, all the staff went off work that time.


When MR Michael got the calling from Erica at 10 PM night time, he decided to drive there, start from express company A to express company B , which are 35 kilometers distance, from the south area to the north of the city.


With the help of MISS Erica and MR Michael, all the solar system started the delivery at 11:30 PM. Finally, our customers got the system in time and prepare those in his container at second day.



We are not only aim at providing better price, but with a responsible attitude for our customers. No matter for testing the quality before the delivery, any ways to solve the delivery problem .What we want to do is offering a good quality product hand to our customers in time. 




We are focus on long term business relationship with customers, but not for only one time cooperation.


Would you like to get this cooperation with such company like us?




10 years long term customer visit Heineer again.