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  • Name: Smart phones along with house solar system to your daily life

For the last four years Kenya-based consumer finance company M-KOPA has enabled 300,000 low-income earners in East Africa to acquire home solar energy systems using its pay-as-you-go model.
The home solar systems feature a battery, light bulb, phone-charging facility and a chargeable radio. Customers make a US$34 deposit, and pay off the balance over a 12-month period in daily usage credits of about $0.50. Payments are made via mobile money. After one year, customers own the system outright and no longer have to make daily payments. If a customer stops paying and runs out of credit, the system ceases to function.
M-KOPA has also sold over 9,000 Huawei and Samsung smart phones in the $50 to $100 price range. It is now shifting over 1,000 smart phones per month.
The new collection of products is only available for households who have successfully completed the payment plan on their solar systems. They then continue to make daily payments – as if their solar was still on credit – until the new product has been paid off.
“We are not asking people to spend more money than they have. We are just asking them to take the money that they used to spend on kerosene and now spend it on another product,” says Moore. “[That is why] it is important you get the solar system first so you stop wasting your money on kerosene… and once that is freed up then you can afford to buy these add-on products.
But if you like to order a house solar system one-time .With the function of charging, FM radio, lighting functions together, our house solar system SG1210,SG1220,SG1230 with 10w,20w,30w will be your good daily partner.
Three functions are all in one, which is easy for people and with multifunction convenient for customers. Easy installation on the roof only and no need to build with a big projects and by engineers.
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