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  • Name: South Africa has great market potential for solar power


In November, Heineer team attended the South Africa exhibition, the solar energy products were very popular to the market there, the price, design, quality all of this are satisfy customers.



Heineer team visited many places in South Africa and do much research, South Africa is such huge market have a great demand to the Solar energy. Heineer are confidence to open our solar energy market there.


Solar power are very common in many wholesale markets in South Africa, like Chinatown, Builder’s Warehouse, Homemark and Verimark.



In the market, we find some solar systems, and the design and quality is too common.



We found that many solar power systems and solar panels for home are selling in the Market are supplied by the local company, but actually the products are made in china. This is why we are also looking forward to find a local good company, through which we can better introduce the solar power to local terminal market.


South Africa is a special market gets our big attention. In the coming future we will also go there and do more investigate. We hoping more and more strong company can be one of our partner and work together to grab the solar energy market share if possible.





Heineer solar street light successfully installed in the courtyard of Riyadh government, Saudi Arabia.