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solar light for outdoor,solar light for tent

  • Name: Solar inflatable light;Portable solar light

Heineer brand Q1 Solar Inflatable Light is an inflatable, waterproof , bright LED Solar Lantern

with three light settings: Dim, Bright and Emergerency Flashing. With a built-in rechargeable battery,

all-in-one Q1 Solar lanterns hold a charge for up to 12 hours and stay bright all night. Perfect for
camping, boating or hiking, emergency breakdowns, power outages or hurricanes, home décor,

weddings or celebrations, Q1 is ready for anything – anytime, anywhere, any weather.

This Eco-Friendly products will help save on energy consumption and money!

solar inflatable light

Solar Inflatable Lantern
Solar Inflatable light
Solar Inflatable Lantern
Solar Inflatable light
Portable Solar Inflatable Lantern