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The M5 solar cup light is built for the whole family to enjoy together.

M5 solar cup light it is an upgrading solar camping light,it is one normal cup for drink water,and

it is also one camping light powered by sun.

The M5's unique conical shape reflects light into every corner of a room.

Whether lighting up your home or providing light when walking at night, even use as a cup to drink anytime,

the M5 provides an affordable, portable lighting solution. A bright LED solar lamp with dual lighting settings

provides four hours of light on the higher setting and eight hours of light on the lower setting. The rugged, durable

design protects your product, BPA free material cup body make you drink healthy any time. If it falls, drops,

or is left out in light rain, or go outside but do not want to simplify your bag, take M5 and brighten up your world.


solar cup light  


M5 solar cup light1

Product Functionality

Charge at day under the sun and focus its light at night.

High quality water cup, drink healthily without worry.

Portable handle allows carry and hung easy..

Solar and AC Charging

Highly efficient solar panels make solar charging simple.

M5 can be charged with a USB source.

M5 solar cup light2
M5 solar cup light3

Light Performance

On fully charged, provide 4 hours of high power or 8

hours of low power.

M5 provides a light adjustable in light power, making it

ideal for studying or working.

Product Benefits

Innovative designed for who enjoy life with simplified,

make life more easily and creatively.

Make to integrate the light and water cup in a perfect,

multifunctional designed give the people a world freely.

M5 solar cup light
Solar cup light

Product Features

- Two brightness: 4hrs on High / 8hrs on Medium.

- Full Charge with Solar/AC – 8 Hours

- Highly efficient LEDs.

- > 5 Year Lifetime.

- Battery Charge Level Indicator, skid prevention.

- Overcharge, overdischarge protected.

- Water, Dust and Impact Resistant.

- CE, RoHS certificate, Patented design.



M5 solar cup light



Energy saving

Sets atmosphere 



Light weight   







Temporary illumination

Energy conservation



 solar cup light specification

certification for M5 solar cup light