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  • Name: from the customer needs to improve the benefit of power generation

At the beginning of 2015, the Ministry announced "photovoltaic manufacturing industry standard conditions (2015 version)". This new version, compared with the 2013 photovoltaic specification (Draft) have multiple modifications, in the inverter, version 2015 except for the addition of "with transformer type grid connected photovoltaic inverter Chinese weighted efficiency of not less than 96%, PV grid connected inverters without transformer type weighted efficiency in China shall not be less than 98%." Beyond this point, also added a new "inverter enterprises with annual production capacity of not less than 200MWp" the new regulations. The industry said, "a new version of the draft adds to this aspect of the requirements, which means that the photovoltaic inverter industry access threshold was raised again, is bound to usher in the merger and reorganization of the upsurge of photovoltaic inverter industry."
Last year, Wuxi new energy Co. Ltd. (referred to as the "can") the integration of the world 500 strong Emerson network energy photovoltaic business, to create a classic case of transnational M & a "highlight". "The market will be more and more centralized inverter. The only real concern 'customer demand', has the strength to provide customers with better 'solutions' enterprises can win the trust of the market." Can the product manager Wang Yuelin in an interview with Sinorama said.
Wang Yuelin introduced, can always pay attention to "customer benefits", and from several aspects to improve the benefit of power generation. For example can be distributed photovoltaic solution, which integrates advantages of string type photovoltaic inverter and a centralized photovoltaic inverter, grid connected inverter through 1MW concentrated way the 48 path optimization unit aggregated energy to the grid, so that the output power quality and grid to achieve optimal performance. Can the distributed solution by multiplex MPPT, intelligent bus, sharply intelligent monitoring technology improves the generating capacity, reduce the cost of system, improve the power generation benefit, through calculation, can the whole distributed this focus power effective solution, make the system generating capacity increase 1%~5%, reduce the cost of 5~8 million /MWp system. "The development of photovoltaic inverter enterprises difficult, want to gain a firm foothold, must walk relying on technology to seek development road. Photovoltaic inverter R & D and manufacturing, must have the leading technology strength, strengthen the ability of technology innovation. If you can't achieve differentiation is very easy to cause the homogenization of the competition in technology, light relies on big price war, eventually the hard way." Wang Yuelin stressed.
It is understood, 2015 PV plants held in March 30th "to effectively improve the power output and the overall economy seminar" on, will according to the analysis of multiple MPPT distributed inverter and inverter development are facing opportunities and challenges of the detailed research topics.
Conference registration is hot, the 100 applicants will be free to attend, subsequent applicants will be charged 500 yuan registration fee. Participants please call China Renewable Energy Society International Cooperation Center 010-57657325.




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