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With the development of photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic power generation technology has become mature and perfect. Power generation enterprises more and more concern is how to reduce the power loss, improve power generation efficiency, maximize the production operation management level.
Operation mode: in the traditional power plant equipment management, warehouse of equipment storage, information is handwritten registration, prone to data loss, the later view is not convenient or transfer the work being neglected; in personnel management, there is not a clear division of labor, no work ticket, operation ticket goods two tickets to fill in non-standard etc. statistical phenomenon; in electricity generation, the traditional manual meter reading can lead to false positives, understated power information, timely issues. In short, the traditional management mode in power plant, power plant operation, equipment status information and personnel information can not be timely, accurately transmitted to the decision level, cannot provide a reliable theoretical basis for the leadership decision-making analysis.
In the day the new combination of photovoltaic power generation enterprise management and operation model and subordinate of each plant, research and development of PV production operation management system for power enterprises, solve the above problems, the power station and efficient monitoring and standardized management, equipment fault diagnosis in time and location, reduce power loss, improve power generation efficiency.
Photovoltaic production operation management system includes equipment management, operation management, security management, real-time acquisition, decision analysis module.