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all in one solar street light project


On Saturday, March 19, millions of businesses and individuals worldwide will celebrate Earth Hour by turning off all lights and electronics from 8:30 - 9:30 PM local time in New York, Russia, Australia, France, Philippines.




Now in its ninth year, Earth Hour is the brainchild of the Australian chapter of the World Wildlife Organization (WWF). On March 31, 2007, the nonprofit urged the citizens and businesses in Sydney to switch off all lights and turn off all non-essential devices for one hour. Over 2 million households and 2,100 businesses complied with the request! What is amazing is that this small gesture helped save 10% of the electricity (the equivalent of carbon dioxide emitted by 48,000 cars) consumed by the city's residents in a normal evening hour.




News of the impact of this simple action inspired more people to join the Earth Hour movement. Today Earth Hour is the biggest voluntary environmental movement in the world and is celebrated in over 7,000 cities and towns worldwide.

There are a solar lights company, Heineer solar lights join in this activity on March 19, in Shenzhen China. When it is turning off all the lights, those outdoor solar lights are the brightest under the sky. This ensures the best visual impact and makes for impressive images of the usually glimmering city skylines going dark.

At the Scene, people realized that no matter how you decide to spend Earth Hour, know that you’re one of billions of people joining together to take a stand on the future of our planet, and that, my friends, is more than enough. And renewable energy such as outdoor solar lights can be our good partner in daily life.




Will you be a member of being an environmentalist and use more renewable energy like the outdoor solar lights?





Solar clip lights bright students' hope.