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all in one solar street light project


M5 solar cup light is published as "new from Exhibitors" in the Global Source website. As a new light, it is very attractive during the exhibition in Hong Kong.




As the design is very creative and the useful function--both can drink water and light up the night. You can't image a cup can light up the night or a light can use to drink water.


But Heineer did it.

It have 0.5W solar panel, up to 40-lumen LED and 500mAh lithium battery. We can keep to light at least over 4hrs in bright mode and 8hrs in dim mode.


And the cup volume is 380ML, can fill with water for us to drink. So you see only one product can help to solve two problem. 


Heineer  will keep around  500 to 1,000 solar and LED products in stock to ensure fast delivery. Customers can get them in a short time. Help them fast to catch the market.


Below is the detailed content from the Global Source news.





Heineer S1 is rated as Global Sources Top 20 Most Popular Security Products.