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all in one solar street light project


Heineer solar a professional solar led light manufacturer in China. Our vision is to sell our own patented design products in all over the world. For some electricity poor countries, can light up their night. For other countries, can instill environmental protection ideas to them. One world one dream, let’s get together to do some work can help people and protect the environment.



One of the creating solar light is M1 solar clip light. It can become a greener light sources for the modern home and life-saving for some developing countries.

This lamp, which is powered by sunlight, is affordable, study and useful for somewhere no electricity.  many families worldwide depend on kerosene for light in dark nights. Like candles, they use flames which are particularly dangerous inside homes made of materials like wood or dried grass. If they have something like Heineer solar light, they’ll be safer and will not have to spend too much money in it.



Families can stay up at night doing work or let their children study without burning too much oil.


The M1 solar clip light, solar panel fully charged in around 4-5hrs(if full of sunshine) can keep to light over 8hrs if it fully charged in dim mode and 4hrs in bright model. Can keep to charge and discharge over 500 times. At least use over 1.5hrs. For more details can contact us.




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