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all in one solar street light project



MANILA, Philippines - The photo of a nine-year-old boy studying on the street under the lights of a fast food establishment went viral on social media and caught the attention of a manufacturer and distributor of lighting systems and solar power packs in the country.

(Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on June 27, 2015.)


M5 solar cup light


These are the simple wishes of a nine-year-old boy whose photo, showing him studying under the lights of a fast food outlet’s drive-through area, has gone viral.

The boy is Daniel Cabrera, a Grade 3 pupil of Subangdaku Elementary School. When not in school, helps his mother by taking care of the family’s youngest, his brother Gabriel. His family sleeps in the “pungko-pungko” stall where no electricity has. Only rely on weakness from the shop every day, then he can finish his all days’ homework. With the environment of the smelly streets, noise produced by jeepneys and inadequate lighting, he can concern on his study also.


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There are many people, through Facebook, Google to get this shocking news .They hope all children can enjoy a good life with electric power at their home, no need to borrow lights outdoor studying .They offer donation with solar study lamps to those kids, to encourage more people to join in the activity ---Borrow light for more child’s dreams.

As being a China solar lights manufacturer, we hope there are less and less children no need worry the electric power .We have supported our solar clip lights ,solar cup lights ,portable solar led lights to some China remote school ,which always got their gratitude and high interest.


M1 solar clip light




Solar clip lights bright students' hope.