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all in one solar street light project

Recently, for China economy "along the way" the future development strategy of the good news. Reporter in the interview to the National People's Congress, crystal Branch Energy Limited company president Chen Kangping when, he said, are very concerned about the national "along the way" policy, the positive impact this will have on the whole out of the China photovoltaic enterprise to bring very favorable.
Chinese has vast capacity for most of the global solar energy components, such as Europe and the United States trade friction constantly, a certain degree of difficulty to bring Chinese photovoltaic enterprise internationalization development. 2015 "along the way" strategy to execution, for the PV industry "China going out" to open up a new direction.
Chen Kangping said, crystal branch energy is the deployment and implement the "going out" strategic plan "one road" policy, from the global sales to the global manufacturing, eventually with the internationalization process intensifies, achieve global investment planning. National "along the way" economic strategy not only become the important step Chinese construction in new period of all-round opening up of a new pattern, more provide an excellent opportunity for enterprises to expand the new space of economic development.
At present, jinkosolar has in addition to China outside the country launched a global manufacturing plan, currently in South Africa and Portugal both opened battery assembly factories, employing more than 400 employees. The company is Southeast Asia investment established third overseas factories.
Infrastructure, energy strategy is "but the link around the area all the way" policy implementation process, jinkosolar said, subsidiary Jingke power future will be engaged in photovoltaic global new energy (1775.56,18.460,1.05%) of electric power assets, construction, operation and maintenance and so on development of main business. In "a way" strategic policy support, relying on the advantages of shareholders, is expected to be the rapid development in the global market.
At present the company has overseas hydropower development in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Thailand and other places, these clean energy, Africa, covering the Middle East Southeast Asia and Europe etc..